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About the Prickly Fish Farm

The Prickly Fish Farm is a Norfolk business growing cut flowers, perennials, and produce sustainably. On our online shop you can find our range of perennials. We’ll be open to the public onsite in spring 2019, for cut flowers, fresh fruit & veg, and tours of our aquaponics system. 

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The Prickly Fish Farm was setup by Shadow Hall-Wood and Richard Wood. Shadow is an award winning garden designer and landscaper. Richard is a website designer and a bit of a geek. 

Our goal is to find ways to grow produce and perennials in a way that is both sustainable and commercially viable. A growing world population and improving standard of living across the globe are putting pressure on the earth’s limited resources. These problems are only compounded by the other big issues we are currently facing, like climate change.    

The core of what we do at the Prickly Fish Farm is based around our aquaponics unit. The beauty of aquaponics is that it allows you to grow more food, in a smaller area, using much less water, and with no artificial fertilizers or pesticides.

The Prickly Fish Farm is based in Dilham, Norfolk. We are hidden away on a farm lane with the only real traffic coming from our neighbours, Dilham Hall and Tonnage Bridge Glamping Pods

We are busy planting up the flower farm and building the aquaponics system. We plan to open to the public spring 2019. Until then please have a look at the wonderful selection of perennials we have online, all grown on the farm.