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So we have an amazing farm which produces beautiful vegetables, mushrooms and of course fish. We have a lovely flower farm for all your British flower needs. But we also grow perennials and we have a soft spot for prickly plants, the hint is in the name.

We are especially fond of thistles and Eryngium’s growing some really unusual varieties.

Our focus however is on growing our collection of Eryngium or Sea Holly. These beautiful plants have approximately 250 variety’s in the species with lots being suitable for our gardens here. There are around 17 recommended for cut flowers on the RHS website. There are also six variety’s that have received the RHS Award of Garden Merit all of which we grow and sell.

Eryngium planum ‘Blue Hobbit’

These plants have beautiful thistle like flowers with most notably steel blue bracts but there are variety’s with silver or white or green bracts. They have spiny leaves some more prickly than others.

There are annuals and perennials and they are spread across the globe. We have two native variety’s and the other ones that grow well here generally come from the alps or from America.

Eryngium planum ‘Blue Glitter’

There are some that are edible such as the Mexican coriander Eryngium foetidum and our own eryngo Campetre. Candied eryngo was used for a range of health problems. Oils derived from Eryngiums are being tested for various benefits.