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Our Veg selection.

Growing aquaponically gives us the opportunity to grow something a bit different for our customers. We have carefully selected varieties which have a full flavour and wide range of uses. Organically grown and high quality veg.

Turn up the heat

Chilie sweet Nardello and early Jalapeno: Nardello is a sweet fruity crisp pepper. This long thin skinned chilie are bright red when ripe and can grow up to 9 inches long. Early Jalapeno a hotter thicker pepper that grows around 2-3 inches long.

Claytonia: also known as winter purslane. Packed full of vitamin C and tasting similar to spinach perfect as a salad leaf.

Lettuce: We grow three varieties of lettuce, Butterhead, romaine and multi leaf red. These have a mild sweet flavour with plump heads and good colour.

Pak choi: With a flavour that’s a bit nutty and sweet also called Chinese cabbage. Packed full of flavour perfect for oriental dishes but also suitable for a range of uses. Has tender white stems with glossy green leaves.

Mustard: We are growing both Red and Osaka purple. Spicy pungent flavour good for salads or cooked lightly. Wonderful colour and flavour.

Shiso bi-coloured: Not available readily this lovely leaf has wonderful colour. From the mint family this Japanese plant with a complex flavour citrus, minty basil comes through.

Peppers: We grow a yellow and red small pepper varieties with firm fruits.

Watercress: Fresh and seasonally grown whole plants delivered with or without roots. Nutrient rich it is related to mustard and packs a peppery kick.

Rainbow chard: A colourful splash to salads or cooked dishes. Multi coloured stalks with vivid green leaves.

Kale: we grow two varieties one as a baby leaf and the other full grown. Red Russian perfect as baby leaf with vibrant red leaves and cottager best as an ingredient in cooked dishes.

Mizuna: A Japanese leafy veg with a light mustard flavour. Great in salads with a serrated leaf.


Basil: We have three varietys of basil. Classic, lemon and greek. Classic with its full leaf and full bodied basil flavour. Lemon has narrow elongated leaves with a citrus aroma. Greek small leaves with a sweeter flavour that the classic making excellent pesto.

Papalo or quilquina: a mexican herb similar to cilantro or coriander with a more intense and complex flavour.

Cucumber crystal lemon: A tiny sweet crunchy cucumber with yellow skin something different for your salads.

Aubergine black beauty: Pear shaped abundant tasty fruits with shiny deep purple skin. Doesn’t seem to absorb as much oil as other varieties.

Red veined sorrel: Red veining on glossy green leaves makes this a particularly attractive leafy veg. Cooked or as a salad leaf it has a tart flavour.